Keeping Up with the Lords: Nick Gasbarro

By Hayley and Sylvie

 In our second installment of “Keeping Up with the Lords,” we caught up with Kenyon rising senior WR #25 Nick Gasbarro. Nick, a political science and economics double major, is enjoying life on the Hill (Capitol Hill, that is) working as a government affairs intern for biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie. 

Where are you living this summer? Washington D.C. and Chicago.

 What is your job/internship? Federal Government Affairs, AbbVie Biopharmaceutical Company.

 What do you do on a daily basis? Every day is different, which is exciting. I am either attending meetings on the Hill, going to briefings around town or doing research on a particular healthcare or regulation issue.

Have you met any important people on the Hill? I have attended events with present congressmen and the other day I shook the hand of the only person to ever beat President Obama in an election, Illinois Congressman Bobby Rush. I also had the opportunity to have lunch with a 22-year former congressman.

What have you done on your days off? I have had the chance to site-see a great deal. I also went to Baltimore for a weekend to visit family and went to New York to visit friends and attend the Belmont Stakes.

Check back next Monday for our next installment of “Keeping Up with the Lords”, where we talk with Kenyon rising senior WR #6 Jake Genachowski.


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