Postgame Notes: DePauw 24, Kenyon 0

By Noah

DePauw dealt Kenyon their first shutout since 2012 (their first against an NCAC opponent since 2011), now let’s take a look beyond the score in Postgame Notes.  

Kenyon’s offense worked well when they had the ball. Yes, the Lords’ offense produced 121 less yards against DePauw than they did last week in their 35-25 loss to OWU, but this shouldn’t be too discouraging. What really hurt the Lords was that they struggled to convert on 3rd down and lost the turnover battle, both of which ended Kenyon drives prematurely and prevented them from picking up as many yards and points against DePauw as they did against OWU. While Kenyon went 42% on 3rd down, six-for-six on 4th down and committed no turnovers against OWU, the Lords went 13% on 3rd down, four-for-six on 4th down and committed three turnovers against DePauw. These issues can be fixed and the Lords haven’t displayed them on a consistent basis this season, so they shouldn’t be much cause for concern. 2014-09-27_1411835747 Junior Co-Captain #13 Jake Bates went 16-for-30 for 97 yards and one INT. Kenyon’s defense stepped up from last week. Conceding big plays was a problem for the Lords’ defense last week, but they did well to limit them against DePauw, the sole exception being a 77 yard pass (which ended up not leading to any points) on 3rd and nine to end the 3rd quarter. The numbers really say it all in this department; Kenyon’s defense gave up 50 less yards against DePauw than they did against OWU, even though the Tigers had a whopping 17 more plays from scrimmage than the Bishops.   2014-09-27_1411839291 Kenyon’s defense converges on the DePauw ball carrier. The Lords out-sacked the opponent for the first time this season. This is a testament to the hard work of both the o-line and the d-line, but the o-line especially has come a long way from giving up seven sacks to Marietta. Kenyon’s d-line did a much better job of containing DePauw’s dual-threat QB #10 Matt Hunt, especially in comparison to how the defense struggled in their handling of OWU QB #13 Dominick Orsini. The biggest criticism of Kenyon’s defense was that DePauw’s running backs (who weren’t large by any means) were able to tear-through would-be tacklers for substantial yardage after contact. This phenomenon was especially evident in RB #4 Jack Gruber’s 19-yard TD run in the 3rd quarter, after which the Kenyon defense was visibly frustrated. 2014-09-27_1411846267 Lords and Tigers shake it up after the game. Hiram beware: the Lords are flaming mad. No one likes being 0-4, and this team is no exception; Kenyon is beyond hungry for that elusive first-win. Following a four-win season, the Lords have already lost to two of the four teams that they beat last year. Kenyon faces another such opponent in two weeks, and I’m sure they’ll come out fast after the BYE week. 2014-09-27_1411843212 Special thanks to KCWS for their support of Lords Football!


2 thoughts on “Postgame Notes: DePauw 24, Kenyon 0

  1. Great write up Noah, not easy to keep a positive, and hopeful note!! You did it!!!!! Hope there is a good game tomorrow!!!

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