BYE Week Blues

By Hayley and Sylvie
Without a Lords football game this weekend, Gambier Gameday gives you some tips on how to make the most out of your weekend in BYE Week Blues.
Prepare for the Cold
The weather forecast for Gambier seems to be quickly changing from 80s and sunny to 40s and freezing (within the span of a morning), so pull out those stored winter clothes or, if you’re really bored, knit yourself a little scarf to keep you warm at upcoming Kenyon games! Also suggested: perfect your grandma’s apple cider recipe so that you can bring a thermos or two to the next home game (10/11 vs. Wabash) and share some with your favorite GG writers.
Make Football-Related Foods
Peanut butter dip in the shape of a football is practically the same as watching a game, right? Its peanut butter and cream cheese and chocolate, you can’t go wrong.
Go to the BFEC While it’s Still Sunny
Frolic in a field or bring your crush and two market dogs for a romantic picnic under the changing leaves in the Brown Family Environmental Center. If you need any date-planning tips, just ask Senior Kicker #42 Harry Rossman, he’s a pro.
Grow your Hair out
To support our long-locked friends on the team, take this BYE week as an opportunity to let your hair grow wild and free, à la Sophomore FB #41 Justin Cruz, Sophomore OL #56 Mike Cullen, Sophomore DL #96 Max Baughman, DB #15 Jack Hanratty, and Junior Co-Captain DB #24 Alec McQuiston. As an added bonus, your long hair will keep you warm in the upcoming cold weather! BE A LORD.
Go to Other Sporting Events
Our #2 ranked soccer Lords take on Allegheny College at home in an NCAC battle at 3:30 pm on Saturday. If the Ladies are more your style, Field Hockey takes on OWU at 11:00 am at McBride Field and Women’s Soccer takes on Allegheny at noon.

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