But First… Lemme Take a Selfie

By Hayley and Sylvie

The Gambier Gameday phone has been buzzing all night as the Lords have been sending us selfies from their road trip to Hiram. But don’t take our word for it; take a peek for yourself! Click on images to enlarge.

GG Selfie1

Hair game on point. #samurai #frofriday #threebestfriendsanyonecouldhave #hashtag

GG Selfie7

You can make a blanket with that chest hair.

GG Selfie2

I woke up like this.

GG Selfie3
Where are we stopping for dinner?

GG Selfie4

Tax day.

GG Selfie5

GG Selfie6

We like long walks on the beach and puppies.


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