Week 10 Conference Calls

Kenyon Women’s Lacrosse Head Coach Meredith Buzzi sat down with Charlotte to share her picks for this week’s slate of NCAC games. First, let’s take a look at the results from this past week:

Week Nine

Wittenberg 42

Ohio Wesleyan 6


Wabash 41

Hiram 10

Denison 34

Oberlin 7

Wooster 13

DePauw 42


Allegheny 24

Kenyon 35

Week Ten Conference Calls, Featuring Coach Meredith Buzzi:


Hiram (4-4, 3-4 NCAC) at DePauw (6-2, 5-2 NCAC):

Conference Call: Depauw. Home field advantage as well as a strong Tiger team

Allegheny (1-7, 1-6 NCAC) at Denison (4-4, 3-4 NCAC)

Conference Call: Denison. Denison is going to run the ball past Allegheny and sprint on to victory.


Ohio Wesleyan (4-4, 3-4 NCAC) at Oberlin (2-6, 2-5 NCAC):

Conference Call: OWU. Although the Yeo have been getting better, OWU is too powerful of a match for them


Wabash (8-0, 7-0 NCAC) at Wittenberg (7-1, 7-0 NCAC):

Conference Call: I really want to say Wittenberg, but Wabash is going to take it. They will bring their full roster and take the field with fire at Witt.

Check back next week to see how Coach Buzzi’s predictions held up!


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