Freshman 15: Cooper Roark

Kenyon football’s Class of 2019 gets their 15 seconds of fame in “Freshman 15”. 

By Noah

Hometown: Washington, DC.

Position: Offensive Line.

Prospective area of study: Economics. “I would like to go into business, so economics. Maybe behavioral economics which involves some psychology, but at the moment just economics.”

Why did you choose Kenyon?: “First, the overall culture of the campus. I wanted to go to a good school, but I wanted a school where the professors actually cared about the students, whereas some of the bigger universities, even if it’s a great school, they care more about graduate students. One of my good friends’ sisters went to Kenyon, so I asked his dad what he thought about it and that was the main message he had, about how professors really care about the students and really want them to study and help them with whatever they want whenever they can.”


Favorite Book: “The Agony and the Ecstasy: a Biographical Novel of Michelangelo” by Irving Stone. “When I was like six or seven, I saw the statue of David, which is insane, so Michelangelo’s always been my favorite artist.”

Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Favorite music: Classic rock, jazz, Led Zeppelin, The Roots and Kygo.

Favorite professional athlete: Former Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek.

Favorite historical figure: Robert E. Lee. “While he fought for the Confederacy, he’s one of the greatest military minds in American history. Also, I’m a descendant of his family, not direct descendant, but of the Lee’s.”

Dream date: Jennifer Lawrence.

Favorite high school memory: “Crushing the #15 team in the country [IMG Academy]… we beat them 42-2, I think.”

Team goal for the season: “Win seven games or more.


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