The Evolution of the Kenyon Football Beard: An Empirical Study

By Sylvie


Hypothesis: Throughout their four years at Kenyon, members of the Lords football team will grow out their facial hair at an increasing rate.

Variables: Beard length/shape, mustache length/shape, sideburns (?).




Senior Co-Captain DB #24 Alec McQuiston ’16


Senior LB #33 Zach Estela ’16


Junior OL #66 Casey Cook ’17


Junior LB #20 Saxon Justice ’17


Junior LB #26 Mike Gibbons ’17


Sophomore LB #32 Clay Lapp ’18


Sophomore QB #8 Noah Montgomery ’18


Sophomore TE #47 Wyatt Ernst ’18


Sophomore OL #51 Parker Subia ’18


Sophomore D7 #73 Mike Itschner ’18


Potential sources of error: did not control for yearly trends, did not control for ability to grow facial hair, did not analyze any data other than simply assessing photos.


Outliers: Saxon Justice.


Conclusion: The trend hypothesized seems to be consistent with the results. The most significant change appeared to be from freshman year to sophomore year. We conclude that our findings imply that members of the Kenyon Lords football team may be assimilating to a certain “Kenyon Lord Football Player” type.