Not-So-Freshman 15: Brendan Cowie

Junior football walk-on and Kenyon Lacrosse LSM Brendan Cowie gets his fifteen seconds of fame in this edition of “Not-So-Freshman 15.”

By Noah

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD.

Position: Weak-Side Linebacker.

Major: Biology and Economics.

What attracted you to Kenyon?: “The academics.”

Why did you decide to walk on to the football team?: “I missed the physicality.”

Career goal for after Kenyon: “Become an officer in the Marine Corps, HUA!”

Favorite Weight-Lifting Exercise: “A tie between the hang-clean and the pull-up, followed by the deadlift.”

Worst Injury Ever Sustained: “A broken heart…Other than that, a sprained PCL.”

Favorite AuthorTerry Pratchett.

Favorite Book: “Flags of Our FathersJames Bradley.

Favorite Historical Figure: Abraham Lincoln. “He was an acclaimed wrestler and he preserved the Union.”

Favorite Inspirational Quote: “Excuses are the tools of the weak and incompetent, used to build monuments to nothing and bridges to nowhere.  Those who use them seldom excel in anything except the use of excuses.”

Dream Job: Olympic Wrestler.

Favorite Social Media PlatformFacebook.

Team Goals for the Season: “Knock some heads and have fun.”


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