Freshman 15: Jorge Spagnuolo

Freshman Safety Jorge Spagnuolo joins Noah for another edition of “Freshman 15.”

By Noah

Hometown: League City, Texas.

Position: Safety.

Prospective Area of Study: “Last year… I was thinking about going into engineering and I heard that Kenyon has a 4-1 program, but I’m still keeping an open mind.”

What attracted you to Kenyon?: “Before this I went to a boarding school called Western Reserve Academy… and it has the same feel as Kenyon, so that really played a part in it [my decision to come to Kenyon], and I loved the coaching staff.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?: “A time when there are no awkward silences.”

Favorite High School Memory: “Prom… Or just any time during the season when I got to be on the field.”

Worst Injury Ever Sustained“Besides a breakup… I’ve torn my ACL; at this time I’ve torn my other one, so both of them. I’ve also broken my collarbone.”

Favorite AthleteLionel Messi. “He’s a tiny guy that ended up going big and he worked hard to get to where he’s at.”

Favorite Book: “A Clockwork OrangeAnthony Burgess.

Favorite Historical Figure: Teddy Roosevelt. “He was such a cool president. He went hunting, he went out and he was a people’s man.”

Favorite Social Media Platform“I don’t really use any social media platform too much… [but] I would say Instagram.”

Team Goals for the Season: “I’d like for the DBs to… not get beat deep for the whole year, and as a unit, to have at least 20 pics.”


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