Freshman 15: Trevor Brown

Freshman Defensive Lineman Trevor Brown joins Noah for another edition of “Freshman 15.”

By Noah

Hometown: Baltimore, MD.

Position: Defensive Line.

Prospective Area of Study: Biology or Chemistry.

Favorite Weight Room Exercise: Bench Press.

Dream job: Dentist.

Favorite book: “The Old Man and the Sea”, Ernest Hemingway.

Worst Injury Ever Sustained: Broken foot.

Favorite Athlete: Neymar Jr.

Favorite Historical Figure: President Ronald Reagan.

What’s your favorite memory from high school?: “Beach Week with my closest friends at the end of senior year.”

What attracted you to Kenyon?: “The opportunity to play football and top tier academics all in one.”

What are you most nervous about going into your Freshman year?: “The academic adjustment from high school to college.”

What are you most excited about going into your Freshman year?: “Meeting new people and experiencing new things.”

If you could add one food item or dish to Peirce’s regular menu, what would it be?: “Without a doubt, sushi. Pearl River Rolls to be exact. I could live off of them.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?: “Hanging out on the water all day, then grabbing some sushi followed by watching some movies or Netflix.”

What are your goals for the team this year?: “Win as many games as possible and always get better.”


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