Freshman 15: Andrew Zaiser

Freshman Defensive Lineman Andrew Zaiser joins Lizzy for another edition of “Freshman 15.” 

By Lizzy 

Hometown: Glen Gardner, New Jersey

Position: Defensive End

Prospective Area of Study: International Studies and Modern Languages(Spanish and German)

Favorite Weight Room Exercise: Cleans

Dream Job: Ambassador

Favorite Book: The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Worst Injury Ever Sustained: Broken Finger

Favorite Athlete: JJ Watt

Favorite Historical Figure: Teddy Roosevelt

What’s the best thing about your hometown?: “The Woodglen General Store is right down the road from me and has the most amazing egg sandwiches I’ve ever had.”

What’s your favorite memory from high school?: Hanging out at school with all of my friends during our spring long weekend. Our school is on a huge pond so we could go swimming, and we daytripped down to Rehoboth Beach one of the days too.”

What attracted you to Kenyon?: “Mostly the people, but the campus is also amazing, and it has a really good language program, not to mention being an all-around great college academically.”

What are you most nervous about going into your Freshman year?: “Balancing classes with athletics.”

What are you most excited about going into your Freshman year?: “Having the opportunity to play college football and learn German in addition to Spanish.”

If you could add one food item or dish to Peirce’s regular menu, what would it be?: “Hamburgers and Hot Dogs as often as they have Pizza.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?: “Wandering through New York City, getting dinner, and maybe a movie too.”

What are your goals for the team this year?: “To win as much as possible and to set the foundation for more and more success in the years to come.”




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