Freshman 15: Peter Michalowski

Freshman Offensive Lineman Peter Michalowski joins Lizzy for another edition of “Freshman 15.” 

By Lizzy 

Hometown: Sherborn, MA

Position: Right Guard

Prospective Area of Study: History

Favorite Weight Room Exercise: Front squat

Dream Job: Astronaut, but realistically a history teacher.

Favorite Book: Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky

Worst Injury Ever Sustained: Torn labrum

Favorite Athlete: Jimmy Graham

Favorite Historical Figure: Theodore Roosevelt

What’s the best thing about your hometown?: “It’s such a small town so there’s an incredible sense of community and family.”

What’s your favorite memory from high school?: “Beating Ashland High School in triple overtime to take our team to the playoffs for the first time in school history.”

What attracted you to Kenyon?: “The same sense of community that I have back home.”

What are you most nervous about going into your Freshman year?: “Making friends outside of the football team.”

What are you most excited about going into your Freshman year?: “All the new experiences that can be had being outside New England.”

If you could add one food item or dish to Peirce’s regular menu, what would it be?: “I would kill for daily Mac ‘n cheese.”

What’s your idea of a perfect date?: “Hanging out and talking until the sun sets and then laying back and watching the stars. Ice cream would be nice too.”

What are your goals for the team this year?: “Be as successful as possible and lay the groundworks for the years to come.”



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